Tsukiji Showa Foods  ( specialized for salmon )

Our store which is a store specialized in salmon in Tsukiji Fish Market selected high quality
salmon from all around Japan. and send it to you one by one like marry our daughters.

We are major on natural salmon such as Toki Salmon,Red Salmon and Autumn Salmon.

[ Nanbu Hanamagari ] felt nostalgic for the name of ' the salt pull ' prepares the article which is
extremely tasted salmon. [ Keji ] which is rarely get  maybe one out of on thousand.
We provide the slice and gas flushing wrap to take it as a souvenir for customer either on leisure
or on business to Japan. ( cutting and packing is complimentary.)
We have not only salmon but also dried fish, dried foods ,dish spawn products depending on the season.
[ This is it ! ]when we encounter the goods we wanted everyday when we are in Tsukiji Auction ground.
< Recommended artical of dried foods >
High graded scallops :  It got guaranteed by the fsh associated in Hokkaido. without seasoning
all nature and good for high quality classic soup.
Saketoba  : Natural Salmon Jerkey. It sliced thinly and drinf in a sal breeze made in Hokkido and Tohoku Area from Edo era. It can be a snack. It will be more delicious if you roast it.
Roasted Wakame : A kind of seaweed. For wakame you can get it everywhere in Japan.
the products of San-In area  is extremely good. Just by thinly spread it on the board and driedit.
you can enjoy a crispy texture and rich fragrance. Simply enjoy it just like that.

Showa Foods Ltd.
4-13-14 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku
Tel : 03-3542-1416